Care Commercial Cleaning


1.  How do I obtain a free quote?

Free quotes are can be obtained at the Contact page.  We also offer detailed estimates on site.


2.  Is Care Commercial Cleaning insured?

Care Commercial Cleaning is licensed, bonded and insured.


3.  Does Care Commercial Cleaning restock paper products (soap, paper towels, etc)?

We offer restock of standard sanitation supplies and paper products.  These services are billed separately to clients.


4.  What is "green cleaning"?

Green cleaning refers to the use of products or chemicals that are nontoxic and create no hazard to the environment.  Many of the paper and plastics used in green cleaning are from recycled materials.


5.  Does Care Commercial Cleaning offer green cleaning?

Care Commercial Cleaning is an environmentally conscious company, and whenever possible, we practice green cleaning during our services.  Suggestions from our clients on additional chemicals or paper products that they would prefer are always welcome.


6.  Are all services required to be under contract?


We do offer service contracts, but we are also readily available or special events or services that may not be under contract.